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    You know what the funniest thing about Canada is? It’s the little differences. I mean, they got the same stuff over there that we got here, but just … just there, it’s a little different.
    [Also: Tampa Bay Rays still running in place ]
    Example: Melky Cabrera translates into Miguel Cabrera.
    Canada’s bi-linguistic quirkiness might be a reasonable explanation as to why, on TSN’s “SportsCentre*” program on Tuesday night, they used a mug shot of the AL MVP Miguel Cabrera where a mug of All-Star MVP Melky Cabrera should have been. (*Also, note the flipping of the “E” and “R” at the end of “SportsCenter.” One of my favourite Canadian differences in action!)
    But this Cabrera Confusion could happen to anybody, especially in the wake of the near-furor created earlier in the day after the Miami New Times tried to link Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera and others to recent PED purchases. One of those others definitely wasn’t Miguel Cabrera, no matter how much it might please certain White Sox fans, or anyone who has a non-Detroit Tigers rooting interest in the AL Central.
    [Also: MLB to interview players implicated in Miami PED scandal ]
    Melky Cabrera, with the San Francisco Giants scratching for a playoff spot, got hit with a 50-game suspension for a positive testosterone test in August. He didn’t play the rest of the 2012 season. Miguel Cabrera, though he’s had his share of legal trouble and personal problems, made it all of the way to the World Series without getting popped for anything. Detroit’s just north of Windsor, Ont. They must have been freaking out there if anybody caught SportsCentre. (Hey, why isn’t it “SprotsCentre” if they’re going to start flipping all of the letters?)

    Watchdog blog The Score was not pleased with TSN, which it often cites for and inherent hockey bias, at baseball’s expense:

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    Post info: By TBRays01 on February 2nd, 2013
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