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    “Detroit Rubber” seems like a show that should be on regular TV and not just YouTube’s LOUD channel, but that’s where it is right now. It chronicles the lives of the guys who run the Burn Rubber shoe boutique in Royal Oak, Mich., just outside of Detroit. If you suspected that this was the dopest spot to get the freshest kicks in greater Motown, you ain’t trippin’ . And your intuition was rewarded when Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder and family walked into the joint in Episode 1.
    Nice, right? However, conflict happens when Fielder makes a request — for a pair of ultra-rare Air Jordan version “4.5″ retro sneakers (size 13) — that were made in 2005 exclusively for Eminem’s entourage. (Yes, these blueberry beauties are a real thing, for those of you not obsessed with gym shoes.) Perhaps 50 pair of these Jordans were manufactured, and the shoes can cost up to $10,000 on the secondary market if you really get carried away.
    And Fielder said he needed to have them in 12 hours, because he was leaving for the World Series and he needed new shoes. Hey, it’s the World Series. It’s like a best-of-seven Academy Awards Red Carpet out there.
    Still, store owners Rick Williams and Roland Coit doubted they could fill the order.

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