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It is ridiculous that at least 20,000 fans cannot come out for each and every home game!  For years people cried that they wanted an MLB team.  Guess what – YOU HAVE ONE!  For years people complained because they wanted a winning MLB team.  Guess what – YOU HAVE ONE!  Nowadays people complain that gas is too expensive.  Guess what – you have alternatives!  Share a ride – go to the Rays message board ( > fans > message boards) find a few people in your general area and car pool!  People complain about how expensive it is to go to a game.  You can purchase an upper deck ticket (great view of the entire field) for $9-$11!  You can take your own food and drinks (non alcoholic) to the field! 

The Rays players are now admitting on national broadcasts that they are embarrassed by the lack of fan support!  The Tampa Bay Rays, or the old Devil rays, used to be the laughing stock of MLB.  Now, the Rays are in first place and the “fans” are the laughing stock of MLB!   

You are missing an exciting young team, a young team that will be in the race for the AL East crown for several years to come.  This is the worst team you will see for at least the next 5 years!   The Rays are the new “Beast of the East.”   The Rays Republic as we have been dubbed is calling YOU out!  Get your lazy arse off your sofa and get to The Trop!

If you don’t please do not call yourself a sports fan and certainly DON’T call yourself a Rays fan!  If you cannot be excited about what is happening under that dome you are NOT a true sports fan!

Post info: By Rays6 on August 28th, 2008
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