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    The Tampa Bay Rays have optioned David Price, Justin Ruggiano, and Jae Kuk Ryu to Triple-A Durham.

    Price is a good prospect that the Rays really like but they don’t want to rush him to the big leagues so he will either start the 2008 season at Double-A or Triple-A.

    Some people think that Ruggiano being sent down was a big suprise since they thought he might have a shot at making the opening day roster with the status of Rocco Baldelli.  We could see Ruggiano on the big league roster before the end of the season the way Baldelli is always injured.

    Rays Blog

    Post info: By TBRays01 on March 12th, 2008
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    One Response to “The Rays send David Price and two others down to the minor leagues”

    1. Buddy Says:

      You would think these guys would be professional enough to act respectable in public! Justin Ruggiano is a class act prick! Recently my sister and I were in a local shoe store buying shoes when we witnessed him throwing a temper tantrum. He was rude and acting like a child. We happen to know some of the staff there and found out that he was there previously and exhausted almost 2 hours of a salesman’s time. He is such a “diva” that nobody was able to tell him anything about what he needed. Apparently he is a BIG OLE girl when it comes to his shoes and he wants them “purty”! He dresses like a “metrosexual” and no doubt is a pain in the butt everywhere he goes! Some of the guys at the store called him a “prima donna” and after his little show I can understand that! These athletes need to remember they are recognizable in public and try to act in a professional manner that befits the profession they chose. My young son is a big Durham Bulls fan and wanted to meet him but after I saw him in action I explained to my little boy that Justin is a “nasty” person and a “bad” guy! It turned us off totally. He owes those people an apology! What an ass!!

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